Rebecca Mink Rebecca Mink Designing In the Factory
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Every pair of Mink Shoes has personality of its own and since 2004; they have adorned the feet of the most famous women in the world.

Rebecca Mink, a native of southern California, has devoted her entire life to the mission of preserving the planet and the humane treatment of animals. Rebecca was torn between the high-end fashion she loved, and the animals and planet she adored. Noticing the lack of luxurious vegan shoes in the marketplace, she made it her mission to create the choice. Rebecca conceived the ultimate alternative and Mink was born!

Mink is a vegan shoe line that sidesteps leather for eco-friendly, animal-free materials. It has rapidly outpaced all its competitors in the arena of "green" footwear. In 2000, with sketches in hand Rebecca traveled to Italy in search of the perfect artisan who could bring her designs to life. After being shown the door by sixteen factories all refusing to even consider manufacturing such an unprecedented product, she met Marco Gambassi, whose family has been crafting shoes for generations. The creative challenge intrigued him, and working under Rebecca's strict specifications he was able to produce the shoe line she always knew she was meant to create.

Three years of development went into the collection, assembling materials from sustainable resources such as wood, rubber, cork and organic fabrics. Rebecca completed the picture by developing a colorful shoebox/reusable bag made from recycled paper and outfitted with handles. Rebecca Mink succeeded in creating the 1st collection of Mink shoes, which premiered in 2004.

Dazzling and unabashedly sexy, Mink shoes effortlessly reflect Rebecca's own sensibilities with their effervescent glamour and towering heels, which effectively elongate a woman's legs and give her a confident posture. But perhaps more importantly, the line proves Rebecca's conviction that a non-leather alternative can outperform traditional shoes. Machine-tested for durability, Mink shoes outlast their conventional counterpart thanks to Italian engineering.

Effortlessly alluring and genuinely vivacious Rebecca is among the new breed of young designers who are leading the fashion industry into an era of environmental responsibility without sacrificing creativity and style. In Mink shoes, Rebecca has designed the footwear for the next generation who knows that glamour and a respect for the environment can walk side by side.